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What kind of services do you provide?

At Writing Yard UK, we provide UK students with number of academic writing services ranging from writing, editing, to proofreading and rewriting. We offer our customized services for different type of academic papers including essay, assignment, dissertation, thesis, report, presentation, and speech.

Do you write for all subjects?

This is the specialty of Writing Yard UK that it has number of writers from different fields. These writers are able to provide you academic writing help for all types of subjects.

Whom do you assign to write my papers?

We hire and assign your papers to in-house writers, who are highly qualified and well experienced in their fields and are able to write in accordance with your requirements and specifications.

What is the quality assurance with your service?

We believe in quality writing and therefore, we do not compromise when it comes to provide authentic and non-plagiarized content. Along with our service, we provide you genuine assurance that every time you place order with us, you will experience the highest level of service quality.

Do you ever re-sell or publish my paper online?

No, we do not re-sell or publish the paper online, which is particularly written for you. When you receive your paper, you get all the rights along with it and the paper legally becomes your property. 

What is Paper Standard?

We offer three types of paper standards namely First Class Paper, 2:1 Paper Standard, and 2:2 Paper Standard. These paper standards differ in cost and quality. Thus, First Class paper is the highest quality paper standard. However, it does not refer that 2:2 paper standard is not quality paper. Rather, 2:2 paper standard is lower in standard than First Class Paper. 

How much time do you need to deliver my paper?

We deliver your paper in your chosen deadline. Our services are available from rush hours to 30 days deadline. So whatever deadline you choose, we will deliver your paper on the time regardless of the strictness of the deadline. 

What is the price of my paper?

Our prices vary on the basis of topic category, required number of pages, paper standard, and deadline. Here, topic category is the subject for which you want to have help. Thus, topic categories such as Finance, Statistics, and Computer Science have higher rates than other such as Marketing, Management, and Anthropology. Similarly, price of paper for 10 pages are higher than 1 page. Subsequently, the price of First Class Paper is higher than 2:1 and 2:2 Paper standards. Choosing rush hour for the paper can add in the price of the paper. Further, you can calculate our prices of your paper. 

Can I get discounts on the papers?

Yes, we offer discounts on papers from 15% to 25% only on choosing 2:1 Paper Standard and First Class Paper respectively. To get the discount, you can claim a discount code to be inserted in the order form field. 

Can I pay for my paper in installment?

Yes, we allow you to make the payment of your paper in installment. For this, you can let us know the number of installments you want for the paper and we will issue you a code to be inserted in the discount code field. While placing the order, you will have to make payment for one installment so that we can process your paper. 

What if I am not satisfied with your provided service?

If you are not satisfied with our provided service, then you can ask for reviews as many times as you want. 

What is your refund policy?

We do not refund for the papers, which are already delivered. If you think that your requirements are not fulfilled properly, then you can ask for review. We refund you 100% of your order if you cancel your order within 24 hours after placing order. If you cancel your paper after 48 hours after placing the order, only 75% of the order amount will be refunded to you. 

Am I eligible for refund in case I do not get the revision urgently?

The revision usually takes 24-48 business hours, sometimes less or more depending on the writer’s availability and feedback. Clients are informed about ETA after receiving feedback. We always try our best to deliver the work ASAP, however, in case of urgent revision request we are not liable for refund.

What if the deadline is showing wrong in my account?

In case of system error the deadline will be counted from the date and time of payment received.