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Writingyard.com encompasses the foremost duty of protecting the privacy of its visitors and customers by all means. In addition, our privacy policy entails certain essential key points that are listed below:

  • We make use of cookies for upgrading the online experience of the visitors and customers of our site. Moreover, the cookies used by us not only help in dichotomizing the web traffic but also categorize the visitors to our site. Therefore, with the aid of cookies, we become more proficient in progressing our site according to the customer’s requirements.
  • When any visitor connects to our site by just visiting us, the auto-created background integrated with our site instantly distinguishes them and saves certain information of them which includes IP address, time, and date of visiting, web browser used and some data of the working framework via which they reach out to us.
  • We also own policy of assembling some information of the visitors at different time periods such as, at the time of registration, booking order, etc. Our intention of doing this is, to interact with the visitors of some sort of offers made by us. Therefore, the information constitutes a name, address, credit card, e-mail id, country, phone numbers, etc.
  • Writingyard.com considers each and every customer as an integral part of its team thus, all your private information and data are highly valuable to us. Thus, we keep stern security on them and safeguard it at all costs. The personal data consists of personal information contains email id, name, contact number, credit card number, and other specific details. Therefore, you should relax peacefully when it comes to protecting your personal information.
  • In the nutshell, at Writingyard.com, you are requested to frequently go through our page of privacy policy since we hold the right to alter and hone any aspect of privacy policy at whatever time it needs changes. The purpose of doing so is to provide effective services to customers. Thus, it is recommended to check this page often to stay updated.