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An Introduction to HND Qualification

HND is the acronym for Higher National Diploma that is described as an undergraduate two-year vocational program dealing with the disciplines of business management and technology. The objectives of HND are to provide the students with well-defined skills set and first-hand competencies that enable them to work professionally in their coveted areas in the future. In addition to this, after the successful completion of HND qualification, the students gain perfect and sound experience that succors them in performing better within the workplace. With a versatile range of subjects blended within the HND program, the students have complete freedom to access and commence their learning venture in their preferred subject areas. In this manner, HND provides a striking opportunity for the undergraduates to paint their careers as they wish!

Additionally, the courses of HND are designed in such a manner that they render a set of work-related and necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to the students. As we have mentioned earlier that HND primarily sets its origin on the business and technology domains, thus the categories that fall in the program are heavily embedded with the concepts of business management. It solidifies your theories that how HR runs within varied business contexts, how the financial statements are coined, what key components are required to develop and maintain a business project, what marketing strategies generate traffic to your services and products, how different organizations work within challenging situations, and different perceptions related to the chief domain of business. On the whole, the responsibility of the HND qualification is to establish and polish the real-life practical skills of the students so that they could validate as the best employees in their workplaces. Moreover, the courses that come under the HND program are as follow:

  • HND Business Management
  • HND in Business and Human Resources
  • HND in Business Operations Management
  • HND in Business Accounting and Finance
  • HND in Business and Marketing
  • HND in Hospitality Management
  • HND in Healthcare Management
  • HND in Health and Social Care
  • HND in Computing and IT
  • HND in Construction and Civil Engineering
  • HND in Retail and Distribution
  • HND in Engineering
  • HND in Agriculture
  • HND in Mechanical Engineering
  • HND in Electrical Engineering
  • HND in Photography

Furthermore, multiple benefits are experienced by the students in the middle and after the achievement of the HND degree. The foremost one is that it enhances the chances of well-paid employment in the desired professional that the student wants. He understands and learns the correct patterns of how to engage with the different situational aspects of the organization. Moreover, he becomes proficient in dealing with the thick and thins of the environment of the workplace since he is taught collective skills and knowledge of the business areas. Another advantage of HND program is that it highlights and hones your job profile that increases the ratio of employment. You become specialized and trained in a particular domain of HND and also hard to resist by the employers. Additionally, after attaining the degree of HND, you can also plan to kick start your own business since you got all the significant learning about its aspects. All in all, students who pursue the courses offered by HND design and polish their career as they have always imagined of!

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