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What is the CIPD qualification?

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) aims to establish and nurture the skills and knowledge of the students that are required in the HR and L&D industries. Moreover, the qualification of CIPD not only expands the career prospects of the students but also aids them in handling the challenges involved in the journey of professional growth and development. It is known as the elite and widest international forum where learners are transformed into professionals and professionals into practitioners. In addition to this, CIPD qualification is categorised into three core levels which are referred to as CIPD Level 3, CIPD Level 5, and CIPD Level 7.

What are the essentials of CIPD?

Furthermore, this particular qualification could be accessed through three different modes: CIPD diploma, CIPD certificate, and CIPD award. Students who pursue a CIPD diploma have to study a broad array of subjects that drive them to gain vast competence in the world of people management and personnel growth. Also, it provides the rank of Associate Membership or Chartered Membership. Whereas, students seeking a CIPD certificate to elevate their career should study only specific CIPD courses that instantly appeal to employers. The courses in this mode are exclusively designed according to the requirements of the employers in the industry. Moreover, this mode of learning leads to the attainment of Associate Membership rank. Additionally, the CIPD award involves the skills and insights that particularly focus on one discipline of HR and L&D.

What are the CIPD levels?

CIPD levels play a significant route in the learning of skills and advancing the career. However, it is not necessary that the levels should be studied in order since each level is organised for the fulfilment of different goals related to professional evolution. CIPD Level 3 works as a foundation course and provides the initial competence of HR and L&D. It differs in the time span following the modes of learning. Moreover, this level is perfectly tailored for those who have some prior understanding of the fields of HR and L&D or aspire to embark on their professional journey in it.

Students are taught skills such as resource talent and performance appraisal. CIPD Level 5 is planned for those who have gained experience in the domains of HR and L&D and aim to raise their career to the next level. The assignments and courses incorporated in the CIPD courses provide strategic learning that builds deeper altitudes of the aspects of HR and L&D. Last yet not least; CIPD Level 7 is the advanced level of learning and the choicest way to achieve the highest rank of CIPD. Professionals who enrol in this course primarily deal with practising organisational growth, preparing business reports, and developing leadership and people management qualities. Therefore, CIPD Level 7 acts as the optimum stage that strengthens your concepts of HR and L&D to the mark of perfection.

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What is the structure of CIPD?

Once you have decided on which course level of CIPD you are going to opt for, the next step is to decide on which structure you will take for that particular level. Every CIPD level consists of 3 structures which are explained below:


When you decide to take an award, the focus is only on one aspect of HR. You can choose the topic based on your interest. For instance, if your interest is in Recruiting and labour markets, so you can choose this topic and can learn more about it. After the completion of the course, you will get an award.


This level of CIPD allows you to study several topics that are related to human resource management. Under the structure of the certificate, you can focus on more than one area of HR. At the end of the completion of your course, you will get a certificate.


The diploma offers you a wider range of topics in which you can learn from the basics of Human resource management to the advanced level of the course. At the end of the course, you will be awarded a diploma degree.

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